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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Young Nigerian migrant graduates from Cambridge University with a First Class degree in Economics

A young Nigerian migrant Sogo Akintaro recently graduated from Cambridge University with a first class degree in Economics. On his Facebook page on June 26, Akintaro wrote:
"Being a first generation migrant, a black male living on a council estate in South London, it's fair to say that I wasn't 'supposed' graduate from Cambridge University with a First Class degree in Economics.
If you know my journey, you'd know that it hasn't been an easy one. I'm blessed and fortunate to have a strong support network around me. Those who made me believe anything was possible. My mother has sacrificed everything to provide me with the opportunities I've had. She's my rock. Nevertheless, I can't help but believe there's been divine intervention through out this journey.
This is not just an achievement for me and my family, but also to those on the ends going through struggles. Not everyone is dealt a good hand at life, but we can hustle to better it. Make your family proud.
This is only the beginning."

According to UK media, "statistically this does not often happen. He defied statistics, He did NOT allow his environment dictate his future and he worked hard."

Congratulations to him!