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Thursday, 30 June 2016


Osogbo  – Osun State Governor, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola has affirmed that paucity of fund is hampering his government in the appointment of commissioners.
Aregbesola who spoke while breaking fast with journalists on Tuesday said that the dwindling federal allocation has really affected the state explaining that appointment of commissioners would be additional burden.
He said that the state could not afford such burden at present adding that the government as presently constituted is going through harrowing experiences, stressing that the state is being run through ingenuity and goodwill.
Aregbesola added that the purse of the state has been reduced but assured that very soon as the economy improved the state executive council will be constituted.
” The state executive council to be constituted will need huge money. This I can’t afford now and those working with me have been doing so on humanitarian grounds. They have not been paid since, I too, since assumption of office has not received any salary from the state and I am not ready to do so.”
“I have passion to develop this state and all I am concern about is to make the state enjoying able for the people “.
He assured the people of the state that come November 26, all projects embarked by this administration would be commissioned.
According to him, “the ongoing projects in the state would not be abandoned but would be completed for the overall interest of the Osun people. My administration will not leave uncompleted projects behind, we are going to do everything within our power to complete all projects we have embarked upon God helping us.”
Governor Aregbesola while speaking on the present economic woes in Nigeria, berated former President Goodluck Jonathan for not handling the issue like a commanding office
According to him, the country’s woes started when militants in the Niger Delta were stealing close to 400,000 barrel of oil on daily basis and left unchecked. This was responsible for the poor economy.
“The present economic meltdown started in 3013 when the militants in the Niger Delta region unleashed mayhem on the country oil installation., stealing the country’ oil to the tune of 400,000 thousand barrel per day, and the stealing has done more harm to the economy of the country. By the time I spoke about that the price of oil way was &100 per barrel and the country smiling to the bank, but the joy did not last long as the gains was fritter away by the last administration ” he said.