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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Ogboni cult threatens couple’s 16-year-old marriage

Tomilola Ogundele, a resident of Ikole area of Ekiti state revealed that her husband, Olanrewaju Aluko allegedly threatens her life by saying he will deal with her with Ogboni cult.

ogboni cult

A woman says her husband is threatening their marriage with Ogboni cult

The 35-year-old woman brought a divorce suit on the fact of an alleged “threat to her life, no rest of mind, non-payment of her bride price and lack of care for her and the three children of the union.”
Olanrewaju Aluko, the accused, who is also the defendant, said all what her wife complained about was not so, while he was cross-examined. Aluko told the court he will reveal all what transpired about the issue from his own side if he starts his defence. Mrs Yemisi Ojo, the president of the Ikole customary court, after hearing both sides, adjourned the case until July 11, for further hearing. Mr Ojo also issued a warning to both husband and wife to stay away from harassing or assaulting each other anywhere or “else defaulter will be criminally liable.” The rate of at which couples are having domestic issues is increasing. About five days ago, a man named Jafaru Sougie was alleged to have killed his wife at Oshodi area of Lagos state, and afterwards reportedly committed suicide by administering poison on himself.