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Friday, 14 July 2017

Lifelong Millionaires Cooperative Gives You A Sure Financial Freedom


Life Long millionaires cooperative believes in the power of people. We believe that there is nothing a people cannot achieve if they come together in unity. 

Nigeria has a population of one hundred and eighty million people (180 million) according to 2006 census. It therefore means if we agree to contribute one naira on a daily basis to one person, then we will produce thirty people who will be one hundred and eighty million naira rich per month. 

Who will invest in any business/venture of their choice and employ others and so on. This will simply mean that in no time, we will translate every Nigerian to a millionaire and financial poverty will be a history in Nigeria. But why don’t we do it? There are many reasons, such as distrust, fear, beliefs, etc. 

It is against this back ground that Life Long millionaires cooperative is founded. If the number of Nigerians is too large to work with, we can work with a fewer number and achieve financial freedom for all participants. To this end, Life Long millionaires cooperative, have structured a 4x10 matrix system that accommodates only one million, three hundred and ninety eight thousand, one hundred and one (1 398 101) persons which is self- revolving and self-sustaining. This means all members from inceptions on level one will start earning money in various sums until the last level and will automatically rejoined from the base and so on. 

This is what makes Life Long millionaires cooperative unique and distinct from all other online financial programmes in that, it is not a Ponzi scheme. In all the multilevel programmes out there, the number of people involved is infinite. This means the last people that enters when the scheme started losing steam loses. This is why we distance ourselves from such schemes. 

So if you are interested in laying a solid financial foundation for yourself and your generations unborn with almost no financial stress, you are welcome to the right programme, Life Long millionaires cooperative.

Go to now and see how it works in detail and sign up. Remember it is limited.