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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Perfect Reason to Join Ecooperative

Last night, I was talking to a friend and we started reasoning how easy it is to make all Nigerians millionaires by making 366 Nigerians multimillionaires in a  year by everyone of Nigeria's 180 million people donating N1 to just one person per day. Well, very easy but why don't we do it?  Many are afraid they may not get theirs, some believe they are not born to be rich yet others are not interested. So I excluded these ones and I ask if we just 50 million Nigerians, can't we achieve this, simply by donating N1000 instead of N1000? This gives a perfect reason to Join www.ecooperative.onlineb  with just N1000 and bring 4 people. They will pay N1000 direct to you. You upgrade to level 2 by paying N2500 to your upline and receive N40000 etc. Pls read more at   and register with It's so easy and risk free. The  sum is so small that people are willing to join readily. Whatsapp me on 08188056709