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Sunday, 2 October 2016

Abused boy rescued in Akwa Ibom 4 years ago by Danish aid worker, starts High school, dreams of becoming a doctor

Abused, tortured and abandoned, Nsikak's dream of becoming a doctor will one day become a reality. The young boy was rescued four years ago by Danish aid worker, Anja Ringgren Loven, founder of the Children's Aid Education and Development (ACAEDF) in Akwa Ibom. 
The mother of one, who made headlines around the world after rescuing Hope, a little boy branded a witch and left to starve to death, took to her Facebook today to share Nsikak's inspiring story:

"This Tuesday was a big milestone for one of our children, and I was crying like crazy like parents do when their children grow up and leave home
Nsikak, our little boy who is not so little anymore has started High School !!! 😱They grow up soooo...... fast 😱😱 David Emmanuel, Nsidibe Orok, Asuquo Ita Asuquo and Don Udowan all took him to his new school and Nsikak was so excited !! 😄😄 My concern: Will he eat enough ?, will he do his homework ?, will he use more time flirting with girls than reading his books ?, who will wash his clothes ?, will he get enough sleep ?, will he stay up to late ?, will he be okay ?!! Ohhhhh mothers, we are full of worries !! 
But we are all so proud of this young man who has come so far from when we rescued him nearly 4 years ago. Abandoned and alone and tortured and today he is such a handsome young man with a great future ! And the school is not just any school. It´s a Science School because he wants to study medicine and to be admitted you need to pass a very difficult test, but Nsikak came out with a brilliant score and was admitted !!! Ohhh... That´s our boy ! 💪🏽🇳🇬❤
Next month my mommy gene will be tested once again because then its Shedrach Esin's turn to go out into the adult world when he start the University of Calabar !! University !!!! Ohhh what a milestone ! Ooooohhhhh..... And Calabar 😱 That´s in another State !! How will I cope !!? 😱🤔🤔😂😂 And Asuquo Ita Asuquo will also leave our home and start High School because he is also going to study medicine.
Stop growing !!! 😂😂😂😂 But our boys will come home during the weekends. Not every weekend but I cannot wait to be back in Nigeria and visit our big boys at their new schools ❤❤❤ Mommy is so proud but also a little sad...... 😂😂 hahaha oooooooo but now so empty at our children's center without our big