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Monday, 29 August 2016

Meet Shafa'atu Yahaya Yusuf, the first female to attend post-secondary school education in Iyatawa, Katsina State

Shafa’atu Yahaya Yusuf is a beneficiary of the UNICEF/United Kingdom Department for International Development Female Teacher Trainee Scholarship Scheme.

She obtained her National Certificate of Education (NCE) in 2014 in Science with Mathematics as her major course. As the best student in her class she got automatic employment to teach at the school she attended in Iyatawa community, Rimi Local Government of Katsina State.

"I was the first daughter of my community to attend post-secondary education at the NCE level." She proudly said.
She teach mathematics and provides voluntary support in teaching Chemistry, Biology and Physics to the 5 girls she influenced from her community who are pursuing their studies at higher level.

Source: UNICEF Nigeria